Our Team

Bal Kumar Basnet 

CEO, Founder and Travel Consultant

His career of travel started from the age of 15 as a porter then a guide and now a travel consultant. The way he think and wanting to introduce his new way of Travel in Nepal make other believe that he can bring the change. Finally with the joint effort of different agents and support new Travel agencies was formed in 1998. He did not stop here and did what he said. He introduce new way of travel from Nepal to Tibet, China on Motorcycle making him and his team pioneers of Motorcycle tour in Everest since 2001 and still ongoing. He still prefers to travel and might join you on your trip to make you at ease and let you enjoy Nepal at its best.







Sushma Basnet

Tour Guide and Managing trips

IF you are travelling with Parikrama you will surely meet Sushma a tour guide who will start your Nepal visit. She has been working in this Industry of Tourism and Hospitality since 2012 and has a great knowledge of each travel destination. She will be your partner in the cities. If you are one of the foodie's travelers, she is the one you should probably go with. May be within two minutes of chat or travel with her you might convert into a living encyclopedia with every information that you can have. But most of all she will ensure and show you how beautiful our country really is.






Sujan Basnet

Motorbike Road captain and Certified Trekking Guide 

If you have a question about the trek and motorbike tour or want to have it in your own way, we guarantee Sujan will have all the answer. He is Parikrama Treks and Expedition book of new ideas with the Degree in Travel and Tourism hospitality Management.  His ways of travelling may take you to the same destination where other visit but I guarantee you will feel a lot different than other travelling on their own pace. His uniqueness has gain lots of trust and the best choice to introduce new way and development in the bucket list of travel. If you are really searching for your own kind of things to do while travelling that this man will be your greatest choice





Indra N. Rai

Head Certified Trekking guide and Trekking Consultant

He has been guiding with Parikrama treks and Expedition ever since the beginning day of Parikramas and rest accrued with the deep knowledge. The way he looks and the expression which he provides are quite scary but he is one of the friendliest guy to ever be on the trek with. His passion and knowledge of nature bird's mountains climate and destination has always approved the best. By this time his knowledge has been considered as a great value and is now also working as a trekking consultant for new adventure seekers in Nepal. 






Surya Rai.

Certified Trekking Guide and Climbing Guide

A passionate guide loves working in the real mountains and who knows the value of life. Surya goal is to provide opportunities for guest to unwind relax and enjoy the natural destination and to travel stress free. He offers travelers opportunities to escape from the busy and stressful life while travelling with his and be one with the nature. His way of cracking jokes will the face expression that he makes with be a blessing to enjoy on a tired day of whole day walking and will sure bring good vibes on our trek.






Lachhu Rai

Certified Trekking Guide and Climbing Guide

If you are serious kind of guy then we think Lachhu is the best person to be with.  He is a person who gets lost in the nature with a smile on his face every time you see him. His smile and the way he adopt to the way you want to trek is all that is offered by Lachhu. You might see him skiping the meal sometime but will always make sure that you are in a perfect condition and have the meal on time. You will forget your anger and the nervousness while you are with him.






Bishnu Karki


While on the camping trek you will be in need of cook and the best food to enjoy each day. Bishnu Karki is our special cook with lots of knowledge on food industry. If you have some choice for food on the trek you will be ready to enjoy the meal within your table. May be you might gain some weight rather than loosing while on the trek with Bishnu.







Farooque Ahmed Khan

Head Mechanic and Road Captain

If you are travelling in Nepal with a Royal Enfield whether from India or from anywhere in the world you will always hear a name Farooque Ahmed. Farooque is the oldest and the most well known mechanic in Nepal and has the capability to fix the problem that you is sure not to be fixed in whole life. The most trusted guys to be with for your road tour in Nepal.







Raju Shrestha

Road Captain and Mechanic Chief

While travelling in Nepal, if you see a guy on a glass and working on a Royal Enfield then that is our Raju. Raju is also well known among the young Royal Enfield enthusiast. So there will not be a single day he will remain in one place while around the cities. People willing to work with him are more and with his easy going nature his demand are always high. Possibly the best vibes you will see while having a motorbike tour in Nepal. 

Anup Devkota

Road Captain and Mechanic

Don’t go with his looks he is your friend form now but he is not a foreigner, that is Anup Devkota. Some time we like to tease his saying Nepalese foreigner as he looks like a foreigners who can speak in nepali language. He is a guy who loves to share the experience of his travel and will help you to enjoy every moments of their Parikrama Treks journey while sharing knowledge and enjoying good times.


The entire Road Captain, trekking, tours, climbing guide are certified license holders as per the rules of Government. They are also very well trained in the field of AMS and emergencies rescue and first aid treatment. Be sure to take part of our new adventure and experience the difference.



Contact Us

Parikrama Treks and Expedition (P.) Ltd.

Way to Budhanilkantha Road, Near Hattigaunda
Khadka Bhadrakali VDC, Okhalgaun - 2
GPO Box : 7105, Kathmandu, Nepal
Telephone No: 977-1-4379006 
Fax No: 977-1-4379712 
Email : parikramatreks@gmail.com,





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